A: COOLCLUBWORLD (CCW) is an educational nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization that’s dedicated to using the world famous COOL POINTS account to RECOGNIZE & REWARD POSITIVE YOUNG PEOPLE. Our vision is to make a powerful optimistic impact on students with the Reading Encouragement, Academic Achievement, Positive Activity, and COOL POINTS College Textbook Scholarship incentive programs. These programs are committed to inspire students to read, achieve academic success, and exchange positive behavior inside/outside the classroom. CCW also provides mentoring and tutoring using our  “Stay Cool, Stay Positive” motto. Positive young people have an opportunity to receive tons of benefits, along with rewards and recognitions by joining this positive COOL CLUB.


A:  An interactive online account where students use the Activity Entry Board, Cool Points Upload, and COOL POINTS POST (S) to submit and upload information for COOL POINTS.  Reading Encouragement, Academic Achievement, and Positive Activity is the information provided in the COOL POINTS account for COOL POINTS.

Q: What is required for the CCW membership?

A:  The CCW membership requirement is currently FREE and all rewards are coordinated through schools and organizations. After you create an account with your school or organization information by clicking Join Today Free and login to your COOL POINTS Account this will activate your membership.  All members will have unlimited access to their accounts.

Q: How do I win prizes (CCW Store Items, Amazon Fire Tablets, T-Shirts, Head Sets, and Pizza Hut, Sonic, Burger King Products)? (More to be announced)

A: CCW members have the opportunity to win rewards/prizes:

  • Reading Encouragement (Submit author, title, and short description of the book).
  • Academic Success ( Submit honor roll, mastery, advanced, tests, and quizzes.
  • Positive Activity (Submit educational or organizational (postive activity inside/outside the classroom).
  • Submitting your COOL POINTS information also bring about CCW Contest opportunities when there announced.
Q: How do I participate in CCW CONTESTS?

A:(CCW CONTESTS IS WORKING BUT CLOSED RIGHT NOW. STAY TUNED FOR SCHEDULED CONTESTS.)   After you have enough COOL POINTS you click on that Prize category under the Enter Here column..  Remember you must have the total amount of points required and a COOL POINTS upload that is associated with your Contest Name entry.

•  Every contest you enter will have random winners from our computerized number generator.

•  President Cool World’s Board will judge entries for the designated categories entered.

Q: Is the COOLCLUBWORLD (CCW) only a virtual organization?

A: There will be tours and live events coming to your school or organization.

•  COOLCLUBWORLD (CCW) has a vast production in the works with tons of rewards/prizes to follow.

Q: What are the benefits?

A:  ***The benefits are unlimited opportunities with contests, games, events, activities, discounts, rewards during for being an CCW member.  An ultimate benefit is being a cool and positive representative of the COOL CLUB.

Q: How are prizes and rewards coordinated?

A: Eligibility will be based on two features: GPA 2.5-4.0 and COOL POINTS!  These scholarships will be awarded to students submitting their reading, academic success, and overall school/organization positive activity. High school or College students will also be provided a short application. Upon submission CCW will contact you with details.  This program is coming soon (2020-2021) and COOL POINTS being collected now will go toward its launch.

A: Students provide school or organization phone and address information.


A: Students are eligible for the COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS scholarship with confirmed COOL POINTS in all three reward components including reading encouragement, academic success, and positive activity.

Q: How is COOLCLUBWORLD (CCW) funded?

A:  We are funded through the CCW Store profits (PRESIDENT COOL WORLD’S children story books), Sponsors, and Donations.

-Rewards are coordinated through schools and organizations signed up with COOLCLUBWORLD-